Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser | 2016 Review

Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser Review

The Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser is terrific for aromatherapy.

Its spa-oriented features and intricate design delivers elegance and grace to your room décor and fills it with a healthy, cool and aromatic mist.

It only requires a few drops of essential oil and works continuously for up to three hours giving off a clean, moist and health-filled scent. This diffuser is manufactured with premium quality ceramic material and is complemented with Advanced Ceramic Disc Anti-Oil Corrosion Technology.

What Makes It Great

  • Does not require a lot of space and fills your room with a dense aroma of essential oil
  • Low illuminating light can be turned off completely if you prefer
  • Simple and elegant design resemblinf a fashionable pillar candle
  • Interchangeable LED colored lights that can be set to rotate, be selected individually or turned off completely
  • Quick & easy assembly and operation for a well rounded user-friendly device
  • One year warranty with fantastic customer service


  • Health Promoting Benefits

The Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser offers cool mist ultrasonic technology. Freshening the air in your room while maintaining a cool and humid temperature. Reducing allergens in the air, relieving asthma symptoms, treating headaches and improving depressive moods

  • Easy Mobility

A lightweight and compact design make it easily mobile to move from your home or office

  • Advanced Technology

Equipped with an advanced anti-oil corrosion technology which retains the chemical composition of essential oil and prevents the surface of diffuser from oil corrosion. The commonly used Ultrasonic technology allows you to run your diffuser throughout the night as it operates at whisper-quiet noise levels

  • Multiple Function Operation

Select from 4 timer settings, auto shut-off feature and two modes for light setting. 4 different timer settings is the most you will find on a diffuser. This gives you the versatility to set your diffusion to your personal preference

  • Efficient Diffusion

The Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser’s Ultrasonic diffusing abilities fill the room with essential oil fragrance. All of the essential oils most beneficial properties are dispersed through the air and into your body for maximum healing

Slight Disadvantages

  • Some customers report that it may begin to vibrate while functioning after few months of continuous use
  • Ultrasonic Diffusers, although highly efficient, require routine cleaning using a damp cloth

Plenty Of Features & Beaming Reviews To Enjoy

This Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser provides exceptional aromatherapy and all the features you could hope for.

Working effectively to create an aura of calm and serenity in your room, it ensures the maximum transmission of essential oil health benefits.

We highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking to experience the overwhelming advantages of an essential oil diffuser.

Leia Chester

Editor at Essential Oil Diffuser Judge, I embrace natural living and aromatherapy with a focus on essential oils.

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