Bellasentials Essential Oil Diffuser | 2016 Review

Bellasentials Essential Oil Diffuser

The Bellasentials Essential Oil Diffuser is the ultimate creation of elegance and serenity in the world of aromatherapy.

It has an attractive and unique design with a wooden exterior and is the perfect addition to just about any room in your home or office. The ultrasonic system performs efficiently by creating a dense layer of aromatic vapors evenly into your room. Its flat design also makes it unobtrusive for those who do not care for the traditional structure of diffusers.

What Makes It Great

The Bellasentials Essential Oil Diffuser is loaded with many different features and functional attributes…

  • Micro Ultrasonic technology offers an intense mist of aromatherapy vapors by creating a combination of water and the essential oil
  • Vapors are dispersed evenly into the air and carry a long-lasting aromatherapy effect
  • Two different operating modes: high mode works for up to 8 hours, low mode can last for as long as 12 hours
  • 1- year warranty period with excellent customer service for product replacement and repairs
  • Ultrasonic operating system maintains the natural composition of your essential oils so that you are given the purest form of aromatherapy


  1. Unusual flat design makes it the ideal choice for space saving and eliminates the worry of accidentally knocking it over
  2. Save your water and essential oil with the “low” setting while still getting a high concentration of aromatherapy
  3. Multiple selection LED light that you can control to turn on/off, stay on one color, or rotate through various colors
  4. Low-noise level and automatic shut-off feature to run your diffuser while you sleep soundly throughout the night
  5. Dual-functionality: works as both a diffuser and as a cool mist humidifier to add moisture to your chosen areas

Slight Disadvantages

  1. Beeping noise engages whenever the automatic shut-off feature turns on
  2. Instruction manual may take a bit longer to understand than others
  3. Unique design can make refilling difficult until you are used to it

Try Something Different, Try Bellasentials

The Bellasentials Essential Oil Diffuser features amazing methods to acquiring a complete aromatherapy experience in the comfort of your home.

The dense mist technology is crucial for improving the overall efficiency of its diffusion.

Check it out by heading over here!

Leia Chester

Editor at Essential Oil Diffuser Judge, I embrace natural living and aromatherapy with a focus on essential oils.

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