Part 1: Best Essential Oil Brands | Reviews 2016

It is just as important to find the best essential oils as it is to find the best essential oil diffuser.

You must have both. There are many types of diffusers out there, but there are even more essential oils for you to choose from. There are, amazingly, over 300 of these magical oils.

Various manufacturers have entered this competitive field with a broad range of scents.

To help you filter through the good and the bad, we have put together a complete list of the best essential oils reviews for 2016. We have included some handy tips on what you should look for if you decide to steer away from our suggestions.

How To Compare and Choose The Best Essential Oil Brands

Here are some features to look for when searching for the best essential oils…

1. Organic Authenticity

You should always select products from brands that offer natural and pure ingredients with no inorganic additives or fragrances added

2. Therapeutic Grade

Check the name online or on the label for a therapeutic grade printed for the best essential oils

3. Grade Quality

Reference past user reviews and company history to assure oil quality

4. Expiration or Life-cycle

Just like any other product made from natural ingredients, oils can expire over time losing their beneficial health characteristics. Check for expiration dates and storage tips

5. GCMS Tests

GCMS test determines the quality and purity of the essential oil ingredients. Make sure the brand has been tested


Any product that you are thinking of purchasing should be compared with others for price. Be careful, though: cheaper oils may lack the quality other more expensive oils may have

Here are some of the best essential oils reviews for 2016

How To Use Essential Oil
Determining Sensitivity to Essential Oils

Edens Garden Essential Oils


Edens Garden Essential Oils is a company founded by a nature enthusiast who worked in the all-natural medicine industry for over a decade. Established in 2009, the company’s mission is to bring together the purity and healing power of nature into essential oils. They offer customers high quality, original and affordable essential oils.


Eden Garden essential oils are guaranteed to be 100% pure, and there is an exquisite collection of oils to choose from. They are widely used in homes, offices and massage centers by naturalists who vow by the purity and transparency.

Oils Manufactured

A variety of essential oils covering different categories such as synergy blends, organic oils, carrier oils, absolute oils and single oil packages. They offer oils in five different package sizes ranging from 5 ml- 250ml and their “Four Thieves Synergy” blend is especially famous for its exceptional remedial health benefits.

Why Edens Garden?

Selecting from a range of 150 essential oils gives you a variety of choices. People prefer using this essential oil because of its superior quality and reasonable price.


Fabulous Frannie


Fabulous Frannie is a well known essential oil manufacturing company. The make natural products aimed at providing treatment to your mind and body while invigorating your surroundings.


Essential Oils that are natural and handcrafted prepared with the utmost care and concern. Fabulous Frannie essential oils focus on providing the best products to their customers and use only the most natural and pure ingredients.

Oils Manufactured

Various types of essential oils such as carrier oils, roll-ons, essential oil blends and single oils. Some of their most popular oils include “Four Thieves” and “Happy” Essential Oils, undiluted and 100% pure. Roll-ons work best to reduce stress and relieve aches and pains.

Why Fabulous Frannie?

Fabulous Frannie delivers natural production methods developed using steam distillation and cold pressing to extract essential oil without any additives.


Do Terra


Established in 2008, doTerra Essential Oil is a company aimed at manufacturing top grade, therapeutic essential oils for lifestyle improvement. They were created by a group of professional health care associates who shared the same vision.


These essential oils are manufactured through a natural distillation process and derived from well-nurtured plants. Processed through strict purity and potency standards, this make them safe around children.

Oils Manufactured

A variety of essential oils and blends are manufactured in doTerra’s facilities. Their “Deep Blue” Essential Oil is particularly popular for melting away achy and sore muscles. It is available in a roll-on and cream form.

Why doTerra?

These doTerra essential oils are hugely popular because of their unique aromas and 100% pure composition. All of their essential oils come with a CPTG (Certified pure therapeutic grade) rating and provide invigorating health benefits.


Healing Solutions

Healing Solutions is considered to be one of the purest essential oil brands available on the market today. They create only high quality essential oils and deliver a premium range of products from all over the world at very affordable prices.


Healing Solutions connect with the top essential oils manufactures from all over the world and select the finest collection to sell to their customers. Their prices are affordable and they are known for outstanding customer service. They offer a lifetime refund policy on all of their products to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Oils Manufactured

Healing Solutions creates all kinds of essential oil blends and singles. Some of their top selling essential oils include “Deep Muscle Relief” and “Ylang Ylang.” Their “Anti-Aging” and “Joy” blends are also well known for their revitalizing powers.

Why Healing Solutions?

Healing Solutions offer a large variety of essential oils from all over the world. There is a truly enormous selection. All of their products are GCMS tested.


Kis Oils

kisoils-best-essential-oil-brandsKis Oils is a globally known essential oil brand which aims to provide effective essential oils at a customer-friendly price range. They avoid jacking up their prices and conforming to multi-level marketing schemes which many other manufacturers use.


They their own bottle filling equipment to sell essential oils in bottles that are protected against sunlight and are sealed properly. Striving to deliver all essential oil benefits in a different and customer-friendly way which all income levels can afford.

Oils Manufactured

Kis Oils offer several singles and also blends of essential oils. They have a classification based on consistency and extraction methods as well. They offer essential oils to cater for a variety of moods and have unique plant extracts which provide fantastic and long-lasting health benefits.

Why Kis Oils?

A large variety at an extremely affordable price compared to other high-end essential oil manufacturers. The quality of their oils is top grade and they never compromise on their standards of purity and customer satisfaction.


Young Living Essential Oils

youngliving-best-essential-oil-brandsYoung Living Essential Oils have been on the market since 1993 and have earned a lot of industry recognition. They manufacture 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. The founder, Gary Young, started this company with an aim to endow people with the true nature of essential oils. This allows customers to discover a new way to live a healthier life.


Young Living Essential Oils supply their own ingredients from company-run farms. They grow the plants and herbs they derive their oils from directly. They make use of a technically-advanced distillation and preservation process. This allows them to carefully extract essential oils and efficiently bottle them up to preserve their integrity and potency.

Oils Manufactured

A wide variety of essential oils including blends and singles. Targeted to provide a state of peace, harmony and balance. Their “Four Thieves” Essential Oil blend protects your body against bacteria and viruses present in the air fighting against possible infections that these can cause. It can be used in a diffuser or applied directly onto your skin.

Why Young Living?

Young Living has become immensely popular through their farm-fresh quality. They take the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to a whole new level which many other brands can not achieve.

NOW Foods Essential Oils

now-food-best-essential-oil-brandsNOW Foods essential oils are well known for their purity, integrity and superior quality. All of their essential oils are 100% pure and authentic. They are known for clearly defined testing and verification methods of the raw material it’s derived from. NOW Foods has maintained long term relations with their growers to ensure their plants are only grown in organic conditions.


They are highly concerned with minor details such as accommodating a healthy environments for the plants to grow in. They also possess one of the most advanced methods to completely extract oils while retaining their integrity. The extraction methods used are distillation, cold compression and solvent extraction.

Oils Manufactured

NOW Foods offers more than 80 essential oils in bottle sizes ranging from 4 to 8 ounces. Their “Clear The Air” essential oil blend is celebrated for its disinfecting and cleansing abilities. Creating a strong sense of freshly pure air.

Why NOW Foods?

NOW Foods Essential Oils are certified organic essential oils which are verified with FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) and GC (Gas Chromatography) standards. They are 100% natural, possessing strong therapeutic and healing powers.


Majestic Pure

Majestic-Pure-Best-essential-oil-brandsMajestic Pure are widely known for high-grade botanical skin care and healthcare serums as well as essential oils. They maintain strong business relations with essential oil importers and ensure only the best quality products to their customers.


100% pure organic ingredients that do not contain any diluents, additives or preservatives. All of their essential oils have strong revitalizing powers and actively remedy mental and physical health.

Oils Manufactured

Majestic Pure manufactures essential and carrier oils of therapeutic grade. Their “Lemon” essential oil is one of their most celebrated products. It has a clean and refreshing smell and can be used as an antiseptic or with various skin care recipes.

Why Majestic Pure?

Apart from their strong healing abilities and seamless consistency, the Majestic Pure essential oils are made with premium ingredients and inserted into user-friendly bottles. This renders them simple and easy to use while retaining their integrity for a long time. They are available in large bottles at highly affordable prices.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

planttherapy-best-essential-oil-brandsPlant Therapy offers authentic essential oils to their customers at beyond reasonable prices. The company was founded with a vision to bring you maximum healing and remedial effects. Giving your daily living routines invigorating energy.


Plant Therapy only produces undiluted and top grade essential oils which are certified through aromatherapists and naturopathic physicians. They inspect the integrity of each essential oil before distributing it for sale.

Oils Manufactured

They offer several essential oils, carrier oils, essential oil blends and child-friendly synergies. Their fractionated coconut oil is one of their best selling products and can be used as a base oil or carrier oil. It maintains a solid state even at lower temperatures. It absorbs into your skin quickly and can be used in various remedial preparations for skin and body.

Why Plant Therapy?

Plant Therapy offers essential oils in various economical sizes. They focus on customer service and are keen to provide their customers with an excellent supply of essential oils.

Sun Organics


Sun Organics essential oils deliver you 100% all-natural ingredients derived from the purest locations in the world. They induce the most crucial health benefits while creating an aura of calm and peace. They have developed extraction units in locations where herbs and plants are grown in abundance providing an immaculate extraction procedure.


The warm and soothing scent of each of their essential oils is free of any any medicinal scents. They work exceptionally well to help increase your mood and heal your body inside and out.

Oils Manufactured

A wide range of essential oils including lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus and other incredible essential oils. Their peppermint oil is one of their top selling products as a dental care option. It comes in large or more economically sized bottles.

Why Sun Organics?

Sun Organics products have an amazing, unadulterated scent that quickly relaxes your mood and rejuvenates your bodies most important parts.


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