Natural Healing | Essential Oils Improve Your Mood

Natural Healing - Essential Oils Improve Your Mood

Essential Oils Improve Your Mood

Life may seem flat and you may feel as if you always have to be ready to face and overcome different obstacles. This can lead to the feelings and symptoms of depression.

Certainly, at such times you must find ways to help you feel better and to continue with your daily work. Essential oils are known to improve your mood, so why not give them a try?

Continue reading to discover which types of essential oils help you feel more positive…

Relieve The Stress In Your Life

For stress relief, energy and revitalization the most popular essential oil is lavender. With unique characteristics including a pleasant, light and calming aroma, lavender is commonly used when balancing and relaxing both emotional and physical stress.

When looking for essential oils to improve your mood, frankincense is another highly recommended choice. Frankincense is made of molecules that can infiltrate your blood and brain. In doing so, this valuable oil allows enough necessary oxygen into the blood stream and brain. It inspires the limbic area of our brain (which includes the pineal and pituitary glands along with the hypothalamus) to operate more efficiently and to calm our frantic nerves.

Revitalize Your Body’s Physical & Mental Energy

Peppermint and rosemary essential oil are excellent choices when your body and mood are feeling drained. The aroma of peppermint provides a strong yet refreshing scent that cools and calms your body and mind. Like peppermint, rosemary oil has a clear and herbaceous scent that can invoke a boost of energy when you lack motivation due to stress.

In addition to peppermint and rosemary for mood boosting, you can use lemon, orange or lime oil. Their aromas help to focus your concentration and awareness. When using these kinds of oils, you do not need much; just a little is enough to awaken your senses. Lemon has a beneficial impact on your throat and heart which can promote a healthy blood flow and allow you to calmly breath.

Orange essential oil has become known for balancing emotion and relieving fear. This is particularly true for people who have a significant workload that can cause fatigue and mistakes. Inhaling orange essential oil and absorbing it will help to calm your soul and spirit. Lime can effectively “oil” your immune system to give it the ability to operate more efficiently and protect your body.

Relieve Your Fears and Anxieties

Another crucial benefit essential oils can provide is their unparalleled ability to reduce nervousness.

Essential oils can help minimize the risks of anxiety-related syndromes, sleep difficulties, allergies, and heart disease. Due to the characteristic of high concentrations from plants, essential oils bring delicious scents that send signals to your brain’s limbic system. Therefore, you usually feel peace, joy, satisfaction or excitement when you smell essential oils.

Some essential oils can help with anxiety issues. These include lavender, lemon, frankincense, basil, ylang ylang and bergamot.

There are many ways to use these essential oils. You can inhale them, massage them directly onto your skin, drop some into your bathtub or even ingest them.

Essential oils improve your mood: there is no doubt about that. The only question is, how you are going to do this for yourself?

Last Updated: 08/2016

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