Greenair SpaVapor Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

For years, Greenair has been a leading name in manufacturing organic and earth friendly aroma diffusion products.

Their products include diffusers, odor eliminators, glad bottles, hot rocks and much more. Their expertise in quality, craftsmanship and special consideration of quality and safety make them a customer’s favorite.

The Greenair SpaVapor Ultrasonic oil diffuser is another innovative product by the company to give you the soothing aromatherapy experience you need.

About the Greenair Essential Oil Diffuser

Greenair SpaVapor Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

This diffuser harnesses the company’s expertise to create a fine mist which stays in the air for a long time to assist improved inhalation and produce a healing effect. The diffuser works well with all essential oils and the oils are well dispersed in the air t0 produce the desired healing effects complemented by a pleasant fragrance which further aids relaxation. The diffuser uses high frequency Ultrasonic technology that vibrates the water in the tank to form a delicate mist in the air. The oils added are also dispersed. This ionizes the air while providing health benefits. Since the oils are not overheated in the diffuser, their natural characteristics remain complete.


  • The diffuser is available in a size of 4” x 4” x 6” with a 200 ml water tank
  • The liquid may diffuse for up to 6 hours and is sufficient to cover an area of around 500 sq. feet with an optional directional misting
  • When the liquid runs out, the diffuser shuts down automatically. The diffuser is BPA free and has three rotating colors (red, blue, green) LED lights which give a beautiful glow and may be turned off/on on choice
  • The diffuser operates with normal tap water and around 5-6 drops of essential oils are enough to give the required aromatherapy benefits

Usage and precautions:

The diffuser operates with normal tap water though regular warm water may be used for greater efficiency with cold water resulting in a delayed mist. The water tank is marked to display the optimum and maximum water levels. Water above the maximum level or below the optimum level may damage the unit. The diffuser cannot be operated with distilled water since it does not have sufficient minerals. Before operating the diffuser, make sure that all three parts are fixed properly in place. The water should not be allowed to enter the hole of the diffuser.


The Greenair Spavapor gives you the perfect spa and aromatherapy experience at home.

  • The Ultrasonic pulsating sound creates vapors that mist up the entire room in no time. This gives a calm and healing effect and due to its smooth functioning it may be operated during the day as well as night time
  • It can be used in bedrooms, offices or living rooms. Diffusers are also available for cars

Being an electronic gadget, the diffuser does demand a certain amount of care and precautions but the benefits it gives are way greater than the effort required for its upkeep.

Due to its health benefits, Greenair SpaVapor is worth considering. It’s an affordable and versatile essential oil diffuser which you can buy with confidence.

Leia Chester

Editor at Essential Oil Diffuser Judge, I embrace natural living and aromatherapy with a focus on essential oils.

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Michele Clow - May 14, 2016

Greenair has come out with a SpaVapor2, Have you been able to review this one? Here is the Amazon link:

    Leia Chester - May 15, 2016

    Yeah,I am aware of that, and I’ll post a review for this one, shortly.Thanks for your kind information!

Kristina Wilcox - June 17, 2016

The video review says that you can not use citrus oils. Is this true for any and all plastic diffusers? Or just this one? I’m so new to essential oils and it’s very overwhelming. Do many blends that can be diffused contain citrus oils? If so is having the citrus oil in a blend mean it can be diffused Rather than just a single citrus oil on its own which I’m assuming can’t be diffused at all? Thanks so much!’

    Leia Chester - June 18, 2016

    Actually, the use of citrus oils in the diffusers has corrosive effects on the plastic interior of the diffuser’s body. And you need to be sure if the diffuser you have got, is or is not capable of diffusing citrus oils and also other oils that are a come in concentrated form or have some strong elements in them.
    In case you want to use citrus oils just a few times or rarely, or in the form of blend occasionally, then the harmful effects may not be strong enough. And a diffuser would be able to withstand that.
    But if you need to use these oils frequently or on a daily basis, then you should focus to find a diffuser that has a capability to diffuse citrus oils without getting damaged.
    So, to answer your queries Not all diffusers get damaged due to citrus oils, some are designed to give you excellent diffusion with such oils. Like you can use this one:
    If the diffuser has not been specified as suitable for citrus oils or its blends then you should avoid doing it.
    If you have got a citrus oil blend with some other oils, then definitely its effect would be a little slow and mild. But if you use such a blend, frequently, then it may harm the diffuser.

      Kristina Wilcox - June 21, 2016

      Thank you so much for the info!!

Kristina Wilcox - July 21, 2016

But one more thing! It says a con for the diffuser you listed is “The only drawback of this unit is that you cannot use synthetic oils because they tend to get stuck in the container and makes the cleaning process all the more difficult. It is advised to use water soluble oils.”

I’m looking in Rocky Mountain oils and they sent me an email saying ” All of our oils are 100% pure, therapeutic essential oils. They have not been adulterated with fillers, synthetics or fragrance enhancers in any way. We sell the oils just as they come from 1st distillation. Also essential oils are not water soluble.”

So if they are saying essential oils are not water soluble then how can a diffuser promote that you should use water soluble oils? What companies sells water soluble oils? And then are they considered essential oils? It’s all so confusing! Thanks again!!!

    Leia Chester - June 22, 2016

    Yes, you are right. 100% Essential oils are not water soluble, but there is a difference in the extent to which the oils are able to mix along the water during the vaporization phase. They float on the surface of the water. But the oils that are less viscous and are less dense tend to vaporize along the water easily during the diffusion process, while the oils that are viscous and are heavier tend to stick to the diffuser walls and little fraction goes along the water vapors.
    That’s what has been said there in the review that using lighter oils (which are easily carried along water vapors) are mandatory and would be best to be used as compared to the heavier ones.
    The example of light and less viscous oils are: Orange, lemon and Eucalyptus are examples of top note essential oils
    Medium viscosity: Geranium, rosemary and ylang ylang
    Heavy or viscous oils: Clove, cedar wood, and rose
    The heavier oils tend to have slow evaporation rate and a little fraction of these oils goes out with water and most of the oil stays along the container side walls. Lighter oils can evaporate at a faster rate and leave the diffuser walls and are not sticky.
    Hope that helps.


      Kristina Wilcox - July 22, 2016

      Great! Thanks so much!!!


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