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Tea Tree Oil and Skincare

The versatile essential oil tea tree is perhaps best known as an antibiotic. It has been around since ancient times. Some of the best uses are as a first aid for sunburn, athlete’s foot, blisters, fungal infections, insect bites and bee stings. This oil is not anything like the tea that we drink! It shouldn’t be […]

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Essential Oils and The Body Beautiful

Since the dawn of cosmetic history, essential oils have always featured high on the preferred list of ingredients used. Great beauties throughout the years have taken advantage of these marvelous oils. Firstly, they used vegetable oils with a maceration of flowers and herbs. Then, as distillation came to the fore, essential oils burst onto the […]

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Essentials Oils: Medicines From the Earth

Essential oils have provided us with an incredibly diverse and powerful source of medicine. If it was not for so much scientific evidence which backs up how these oils work, some of the healing which takes place under their influence could almost be thought of as a miracle. Essential oils have a very long history. […]

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How Essential Oil Benefits Enhance Family Health & Care

Essential oils give you exceptional benefits both psychologically and physically. Today, they are widely used in aromatherapy. Essential oils represent a powerful and natural medical agent that is highly effective and also safe. Unlike antibiotics and other medications, essential oils (used correctly) cause no adverse side effects. Let’s look at some essential oil benefits… Essential […]

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10 Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits & Uses

10 Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits & Uses The peppermint plant has been used for medicinal reasons for centuries. Used in ancient Greece and Rome, peppermint was introduced into British culture in the 18th century. Slightly dried peppermint leaves contain up to 0.5% essential oils while dry leaves can reach levels of 3%. Menthol is the […]

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