Quooz Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Whether you are having a stressful day at work or want to fill your home with a serene and scented aroma, The Quooz Lull Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser is a great choice.

The aromatherapy experience of this model can help you unwind and revitalize your mind and soul. You can use the essential oils of your choice with this diffuser and, depending upon the choice of your oil, it can help you fight stress, depression, infection and cough or cold symptoms.

It can give you spa like treatment at home and indulge you with an ambience of warm and welcoming scent. The comforting LED light can spark your senses and give you a fervent, relaxing experience.

Some of the radiant features of Quooz Lull Ultrasonic Diffuser include:

  1. This Diffuser is built with Ultrasonic aromatherapy technology that doesn’t heat up for diffusion and thus maintains the chemical composition of the oil. It is a natural alternative to nebulizers, heat diffusers and scented candles
  2. The Ultra High capacity allows for a longer diffusing time and can work up to 10 hours
  3. The auto shut-off system can detect the water levels and turns off automatically when water levels decrease. You can leave it on all night
  4. It has a soothing light with adjustable brightness levels. You can also switch the light to Breathing mode where it will dim and fade periodically giving you the most soothing and calming experience

Usage and Precautions:

This diffuser is easy to use and operate. All you have to do is pour some fresh water in its container and add a few drops of any oil of your choice. 8-10 drops are more than enough to fill your room with its aroma. It also diffuses a cool water mist which humidifies the air in your room and can ease your dry cough, asthma, flu and cold symptoms. The auto shut off system takes care of water levels and turns off automatically so you don’t have to take any precautionary measures for water levels.


The Quooze Lull Aromatherapy Diffuser is widely used for its several advantages over various other diffusers available in the market…

  1. The diffuser switches off automatically when the water level decreases
  2. It is economical and does not use a lot of electricity
  3. The unit is easy to clean and durable
  4. The essential oils you use will last longer with this diffuser because it doesn’t use up much oil and operates with water to generate far-reaching diffusion particles
  5. The stylish and compact design of this diffuser is great for your home and office environment
  6. There is no condensation with this aromatherapy unit; rather, it produces a soothing and moisturizing effect for your skin as well
  7. This essential oil diffuser is best to be used with any kind of citrus oil or citrus oil blend like lemon, grapefruit or orange


The only major drawback of this unit is that you cannot use synthetic oils because they tend to get stuck in the container and makes the cleaning process all the more difficult. It is advisable to use water soluble oils instead.

100% pure essential oils are not soluble in water. When we refer to the term “ water soluble essential oils” this means the readiness of the oil to be carried away with the water molecules (when diffused) using ultrasonic vibrations.


The Quooze Lull Essential Oil Diffuser is a very strong choice of essential oil diffuser. The advantages outweigh the drawbacks and this is a very wise choice.

Leia Chester

Editor at Essential Oil Diffuser Judge, I embrace natural living and aromatherapy with a focus on essential oils.

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Karen Graff - July 18, 2016

Hi, thank you for very in depth information. I have a question. I’m looking for a natural way to prevent rodents from nesting and chewing in my cars engine! I was told lady spring that I had a nest in my newish car, and luckily it hadn’t done extensive damage, but I’ve been warned they can be very destructive to the wiring…$$$$$

I’ve read that they stay away from peppermint oil, So I’m looking for your ideas on how I might want a concentrated oil smell around my car engine. Any ideas?

Thank you!


    Leia Chester - July 19, 2016

    Hi Karen,
    Yes, that is absolutely right. Peppermint is one of the best essential oils, that can reduce the risk of pest invasion in your car engine. To diffuse an aroma oil in a car, so that the aroma stays for a prolonged period of time you can use the following diffusers:
    -Aroma2Go USB Diffuser
    -Limited Edition “Metallic Silver” Aroma2go USB Diffuser
    You can put the oil into the diffuser and let it run for, as long as it works, and then repeat the usage for best results.
    You can also make use of your car fans to diffuse the aroma in the whole car interior.
    If you want to target the engine area directly, then you can use the simple methods like: putting in small absorbent compressed cotton pads that are soaked with peppermint oil and replace them after a few hours interval. You may also use cotton balls soaked with peppermint oil and put in here and there in the car engine area. Hope this information would help you in overcoming the issues.


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