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Aromatherapy has gained a lot of currency in recent years and essential oil diffusers are used to efficiently deliver this type of therapy.

Tru Dew Ultrasonic’s essential oil diffuser is a potent and efficient model that can quickly lift your spirits and help you relax and unwind after a long, tiring day.

We will have a look today at the pros and cons of this diffuser.


Its powerful Ultrasonic technology will let you gain maximum health benefits from your essential oil without changing the chemical composition of the oil.

The Tru Dew Ultrasonic diffuser comes with dual design features. It has two stems of variable lengths. You can use the larger stem for wider coverage and more aromas plus it adds a sense of style to your room décor and furnishing.

The ultrasonic vibration gently turns water into a cool mist and creates a soothing aura of calm and tranquility.

The diffuser does not use heat and hence retains the chemical composition of your essential oils. The mist produced by the diffuser is cool and soothing and the mist intensity level is also adjustable.

The Tru Dew Ultrasonic diffuser has great therapeutic qualities and provides a superb aromatherapy experience. This diffuser can run for a continuous 19 hours and can easily cover a room of 650 square feet. It is great for overnight use but there is a timer setting too if you want to turn it off after a certain time. This silent diffuser is great for running overnight and the LED light feature means you get the advantage of a night light into the bargain.


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Before buying any product, it is always imperative to consider its advantages and disadvantages and evaluate it according to your needs.

The Tru Dew Ultrasonic diffuser is a great product but, in order to thoroughly analyze the features, some of its advantages and disadvantages are listed below…


  1. The Tru Dew diffuser is based on advanced Ultrasonic technology and is graded as a high quality, 100% therapeutic product. It preserves the natural constituents of your essential oil and provides maximum health benefits
  2. It has a dual interchangeable style which adds versatility to its design and gives more coverage with the larger stem. Its ceramic glaze gives an element of gloss and shine to the room’s décor
  3. It is great for overnight use and has the auto shut-off feature which automatically turns it off once the water level is low
  4. The Tru Dew essential oil diffuser can effortlessly cover a room of 650 sq. ft, and its strong, dense mist can curb any kind of unpleasant pet odors in the room
  5. The unit can work without essential oils but adding essential oils is also very straightforward
  6. There is absolutely no operative sound from this diffuser and the spray nozzle can be rotated along 360 degrees to adjust the direction of aromatherapy mist
  7. The LED light changes colors rhythmically and creates a soothing ambiance in the room
  8. This ultrasonic diffuser is quick and efficient; it starts working instantly after turning it on


  1. It makes a beeping noise when the water level is low and hence causes a slight disturbance when water runs out during your sleep hours
  2. There is a persistent problem of leakage with this diffuser and there is no definite reason to explain it
  3. The LED light is too bright to be used as a night light, particularly if you love sleeping in a dark room
  4. It is hard to detach the base from top edge and refill the container. You might have to follow the instructions or watch a video tutorial to get the hang of it
  5. The essential oil section turns yellow after time and hence this model requires a regular cleaning and maintenance routine
  6. Minor cracks might appear on the main water storage after some time

There might be some drawbacks of the Tru Dew essential oil diffuser, principally the way it tends to leak, but its extensive functional features and sleek design make it a great and decorative essential oil diffusing unit.

It uses only pure essential oils and provides 100% therapeutic benefits that you might not get with other diffusers.

In conclusion

Tru Dew Ultrasonic’s essential oil diffuser is a great product and provides a powerful aromatherapy mechanism. It is easy to use and works brilliantly as both a humidifier and an aromatherapy unit.

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