ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser Review


ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Essential oil diffusers have really changed the way people breathe inside their homes.

These devices have become smaller yet more powerful over time. You now have the option to have your own mobile spa in your hand.

You can put this device to use in your offices, spas, gyms, yoga classes and at home.

We have used the ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser and have now written an unbiased review for you. This new device has a unique design if you are looking for something different.

What Makes It Great

As we have said, one of the first things that will pop out to you is the distinct design. Powered by 12 Watts, this diffuser can run for as long as 8 hours continuously. The candle-shape design is available in only white but features color changing LED lights. The total tank capacity is 200ml or 6.7 ounces. You have complete control over the lights. You can select your color or turn them off completely.


  • The ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser operates for up to 8 hours if you choose to run it continuously
  • Tank capacity of 200ml which is considerably more than other common 150 or 180ml water tanks
  • Portable size diffuser
  • Candle shaped design along with the beautiful multi-colored LED lights create a beautiful atmosphere
  • Low-power consuming device requiring only 12 Watts of power to run up to 8 total hours of continuous vapor production

Slight Disadvantages

  • A more expensive option than others we have listed on this site
  • No interval option to select between continuous or 30-second intervals of vapor production
  • Some users have reported that the on/off switch is inconveniently placed

Give Yourself A New & Exciting Look

The ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser is a modern and compact device with a stylistic exterior.

Its portable size make it ideal for those of you who take your diffuser with you on the go. It can perform continuously for 8 long hours which is sufficient for a peaceful and soothing night’s sleep.

To get your hands on this brilliantly designed diffuser, head over to check it out further!

Leia Chester

Editor at Essential Oil Diffuser Judge, I embrace natural living and aromatherapy with a focus on essential oils.

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